Batik Fashion Style 2015

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Batik (or word Batik) comes from Javanese “amba”, meaning to write and “nitik”. The word batik itself refer on Batik pattern making techniques – using a canting or stamp and dyeing fabrics using the color barrier material Batik Batik at “night” (wax) is applied on top of the fabric, so resist the entry of dye. In English, this technique is known as wax-resist dyeing.

Know the Indonesian batik culture that has now become part of the cultural heritage of UNESCO recognized world, and in its development is often held various batik fashion show arena performances both in national and international headwind. Indonesian Batik Fashion Style, known by various tribes of Indonesia, culture and beautiful islands. Diversity is able to create the creativity in every field that makes Creativity characteristic interesting and unique. One is batik. Batik is one way to make the fabric. Besides batik can refer to two things. The first is the technique of coloring cloth using the night to prevent staining of the majority of the fabric. In the international literature, this technique is known as wax – resist dyeing. The second idea is the fabric or clothing made with these techniques, including the use of certain motifs that have specificity. Indonesian Batik Fashion Style, as the overall engineering, technology, and development -related motifs and culture, UNESCO has designated as Heritage for Humanity Oral and Non-material (Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity) since October 2, 2009. Batik is suitable for use in a variety of activities, both formal and non-formal. Anyone who wears batik will look beautiful and elegant woman in particular.

Each batik has distinctive characteristics and its own character, such as batik are etched into the fabric of course has its own value and meaning of art brought by the craftsmen. For trendy Shown with modern batik of choice for office workers, both old and young. Because wearing batik became one of the dress to the office. Various fashion creations using batik cloth into ready-made garments are also becoming much done designer boutiques.With their designs vary, so the traditional batik cloth is no longer synonymous with formal dress, but can be worn on many occasions.
Casual Dress Batik
Modern Batik
Batik & Hijab by Nur Zahra Jakarta Fashion Week 2015
Alleira Batik Jakarta Fashion Week 2105

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